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15 Best Email Marketing Software, Services, and Platforms for any business

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels, and it is still getting more relevant even in this ever-busy world. This is because email marketing gives you full control, and allows you to control prospects directly. Unlike other digital marketing channels, where you have to pay for re-marketing. For email marketing, as long as you have built your email list, you can mail them without paying extra. For this reason, email marketing software has become very popular.

A whopping 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary source of customer acquisition channel. 45% of marketers choose emails as the most effective webinar promotion tool. People don’t just use email to connect with family and friends. 61% of consumers prefer to contact their brand through email.

Now that we can see how email marketing is very important. Let’s take a look at the best email marketing software for 2021

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a SAAS application for launching and managing campaigns. Their email marketing software helps users to optimize their email campaigns with numerous features such as segmentation, personalization, segmentation. As well as providing landing page templates and web forms that convert faster. One of the main selling points of Sendinblue is the pricing plan. Unlike most email marketing software that is priced based on the number of subscribers, Sendinblue is priced based on the number of emails you send instead of the number of subscribers which is a popular method of pricing for most email marketing software providers. Thereby making it very suitable if you have a huge subscriber list, but you are not sending plenty of emails. Another features worth the mention is the ability to send text messages to your contact as long as you have their phone number.


Free: You can send up to 300 emails per day to unlimited contact

Lite: $25/month. You can send up to 10,000 emails per day

Premium: $65/month. You can send up to 20,000 emails per day plus other advanced features

Enterprise: You have to talk to support to determine the price


  • The templates and builders are easy to use. You can also create campaign design easily
  • The interface is very easy to use
  • Email marketing and SMS marketing are together. So, you don’t need to sync multiple programs
  • You can easily create a scenario with regards to your subscriber’s activities
  • You can get detailed analytics for your transaction emails


  • Support can be slow sometimes
  • Sendinblue does not have a mobile application

2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is another email marketing software that is designed for creators (bloggers, Youtubers, influencers). This means you don’t need to worry about plenty of e-commerce features that you may not need. Also, it comes with a landing page builder and email automation workflow builder. In addition, the user interface is very easy to use compared to most email marketing software out there. With the segment and tag features, you can easily manage your subscriber based on their position in your conversion funnel.


Free: Free for up to 1000 subscribers

Creator: $29 per month (You can manage up to 1000 subscribers when subscribers above 1000 you are charge higher)

Creator Pro: $59 per month/ month/1,000 subscribers (This include all the features of the creator package and more advanced features)


  • You can easily create a landing page without having a website. This makes it very suitable for social media campaigns
  • The tagging system makes it easy to add or remove subscribers from the workflow
  • It is very easy to write emails and develop an email funnel
  • It has a very active customer support


  • A little bit expensive for smaller subscriber lists
  • There is a small learning curve that the user needs to be able to use the platform effectively

3. Mailjet

Mailjet is an email service provider with a simple email marketing automation tool that allows users to create relevant customer journey, and easily manage all email sending. Also, Mailjet drag and drop editor, you can design your automated email in a few minutes. Where each message can be tailored for different users based on their position in the conversion journey. For a more advanced scenario, you can also integrate Mailjet API with an app and create your workflow.


Free: User can send 6,000 emails per month (200 emails per day)

Basic: This includes all the core features. Sending 30,000 emails per day is priced at $9.65

Premium: This includes all core features plus more advanced features. Sending 30,000 emails per days is priced at $20.95

Enterprise: For high volume sender, you have to talk to support to determine the price


  • Mailjet pricing is quite affordable compare to other email marketing software
  • The easy-to-use interface makes it possible to create email campaign very quickly
  • It has automation features that combine easily with other tools to improve Mailjet productivity
  • It is very easy to insert graphics, pictures, links, etc.


  • It has poor documentation
  • Mailjet does not have a mobile application.
  • Post-campaign reporting seems very basic

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one eCommerce and marketing solutions. The platform now incorporates features such as landing page builders, funnel builder, automated sales funnel, and webinar solutions. The email automation workflow features allow you to build email sequences for your subscribers. As well as optimize your workflow with tags and segmentation properties of the email automation workflow features. So, it is easy to send personalized emails to subscribers based on how they interact with your emails. And thereby, you can be sure that subscribers receive emails they are interested in. In addition, the interface is easy to use. The drag and drop features make it very easy to create email templates and landing pages.


Basic: $15/month/1,000 subscribers

Plus: $49/month/1,000 subscribers. Include basic features plus more advanced features

Professional: $99/month/1,000 subscribers. Include Plus features and more advanced features

Max: Contact support for pricing


  • The interface is user- friendly
  • You can create customers journey easily with the funnel builder
  • Its contact segmentation is very flexible
  • It integrates with third-party metric tools


  • No phone support provided
  • Drag-and-drop email builder has a few limitations

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool that gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create an incredible customer experience. When it comes to email automation, it has a visual interface with a myriad of segmentation possibilities based on subscriber behavior action, or location. Thereby allowing you to send the right message to your contact and improve the open rate of your emails. You can also send text messages to your contacts along as you have their phone number. Another selling point of ActiveCampaign is the ability to send targeted emails straight to your website visitor. By so doing, you can improve your overall customer experience.


Lite: $9/month/ 500 contacts (paid annually)

Plus: $49/month/ 500 contacts (paid annually)

Professional: $129/month/ 500 contacts (paid annually)

Enterprise: $229/month/ 500 contacts (paid annually)


  • Campaigns can be set up easily
  • It has robust email automation
  • Quite affordable for small businesses that don’t have many contacts
  • It has built-in innovative machine learning features
  • The customer support is very active


  • ActiveCampaign reporting can be difficult to navigate
  • It takes a while to get a grasp of advanced features if you are new to email marketing

6. MailerLite

Mailer Lite is an email marketing software that has a very simple user interface. If you are just starting with email marketing or you don’t have a lot of budget for your email marketing campaign. Then Mailer Lite is a good place to start to get your dream started. The drag and drop features allow you to create email templates, landing pages, and design custom popups seamlessly. Also, it comes with a user interface that is very simple and easy to use, as well as a free plan that allows you to use all the features of MailerLite for free as long as you keep your subscriber list below 1,000 subscribers, and 12,000 emails per month limit. In addition, other features like advance reporting, spam checking, and advance segmentation help you create an email sequence to give your subscriber the best experience.


1-1000 subscribers: 12,000 emails/ per month for free
1-1000 subscribers: unlimited emails/ per month at $10
1001-2500 subscribers: unlimited emails/ per month at $15
2501-5000 subscribers: unlimited emails/ per month at $30
5001-10000 subscribers: unlimited emails/ per month at $30


  • It has an easy-to-use and very interactive interface
  • The template and page builder is very effective
  • It is easy to quickly set up a campaign


  • You cannot integrate with social media platforms
  • It does not have a mobile application

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an online marketing company that helps businesses drive their marketing campaign with their email marketing tools, survey tools, event management tools, and more. Custom Contact drag and drop feature allows you to create templates for landing pages and opt-in forms that can be embedded to your website or on Facebook to capture new leads and build an email list. Also, you can import customer data from a spreadsheet, or third-party apps like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Thereby, allowing you the opportunity to manage all your contact in a single application. In addition, the email marketing software provides real-time analytics that gives you an insight into who’s clicking, opening, or sharing your emails. To help you plan your email sequence better.


Email: Starting at $20/month (Priced based on number of contacts)

Email plus: Starting at $45/month (Priced based on number of contacts)


  • It has an easy-to-use and very interactive interface
  • Offers social media integration
  • It has a mobile app that allows you to create a campaign on the go
  • You can view real-time analytics of campaigns so you can track your success
  • It has a high delivery rate


  • It is quite expensive when you have a huge contact list
  • The template doesn’t offer much flexibility

8. MailChimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing software that offers an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily design landing pages and email templates or edit existing ones on the platform for future use. Mailchimp is a little bit more generous with their free plan. As a result, you have the opportunity to send a maximum of 12,000 emails per month, and a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. Also, users have access to basic templates, marketing CRM, surveys, websites, and more. The paid user gets high-level marketing features such as autoresponders, spam filter diagnostic. As well as list segmentation, social networking integration. Also, Mailchimp mobile apps allow you to craft and send campaigns directly from your smartphone and tablets.


Free: You can have up to 2,000 contacts

Essential: $9.99/month/500 contacts. You can have up to 50,000 contacts. The monthly email limit for Essential plans is 10 times your maximum contact count.

Standard: $14.99/month/500 contacts. You can have up to 100,000 contacts. The monthly email limit for Standard plans is 12 times your maximum contact count.

Premium: $299.99/month/10,000 contacts. You can have up to 200,000+ contacts. The monthly email limit for Premium plans is 15 times your maximum contact count.


  • You can easily access complete comparative metrics
  • You can import your custom email templates
  • Campaign analytics are very detailed and easy to understand
  • It has a great tool to create custom invitations


  • The process of updating customer databases is not automated
  • It starts becoming expensive when you have a huge contact list

9. Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing software that helps customers create deeper relationships with their audiences while growing their business. It offers myriad basic email features such as email templates and landing page templates to help you create landing pages, email, and web forms very quickly. You can also create your templates using the email template manager to customize the templates or write your own using the available API. The user segmentation features make it possible to send custom emails to your customer. As well as the extensive reporting tools that help you track the success of your email campaigns. The process of creating a follow-up series include auto-responders, broadcast messages, and blog broadcast.

The autoresponder message is dispatched immediately a new user is added to your email list. The broadcast message is a one-time message. For example, a newsletter, or an invitation message. While the broadcast blog grabs a blog post and converts it into a newsletter format.


Free: You can have up to 500 subscribers. Maximum of 3,000 emails per month
Pro: $19/ month/ 500 subscribers. You can send unlimited emails


  • It has a built-in landing page builder
  • You can use the automation feature to easily manage your contact list by using the rules you create
  • All the email templates are mobile responsive
  • It facilitates AMP for emails


  • They lack some advanced features compared to other email marketing software
  • It becomes very expensive when contact list grow, considering the features it offers

10. Drip

Drip email marketing was built with eCommerce in mind. Its marketing automation ability gives marketers a myriad of tools to build stronger relationships with their customers. Drip is not just an email marketing software, it is, however, an email CRM designed specifically for eCommerce business, helping retailers turn prospects into customers. In dropshipping business model, it is also easy to segment customer based in their acquisition channel. As well as personalize the entire shopping experience to maximize sales, repeat purchases, and customer value. Drip can achieve this by collecting data from different data points across your digital channels. Data such as cart abandonment, email engagement, social media interaction, browsing history, and more.


There’s a 14-day free trial. With 450 people in your account. You can send unlimited emails after the trial period.
Plan: $19/month for up to 500 contact


  • It has an easy-to-use and very interactive interface
  • It has a specialized eCommerce CRM
  • Drip has strong automation features
  • You can easily gather data across various digital channels


  • Form builders are limited
  • There is a learning curve in setting up campaign and workflow

11. Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot is a growth platform that integrates marketing automation, email, and suites of other marketing tools under one umbrella. The email marketing software allows you to create and customize email and landing page templates on the fly. The real power of email marketing software is achieved when you combine it with the CRM. This will allow you to create email campaigns that give each contact a tailored experience based on the information that is in your CRM. As well as create if/then logic in your automated email campaign. So, contact can receive contextual email based on how they react to your brand. In addition, you can create as many custom properties as you’d like in Hubspot CRM. Then use it to create a segmented list that can be used across your marketing platforms.


Starter: $45/month. Starts at 1,000 contacts

Professional: $800/month. Starts at 2,000 contacts

Enterprise: $3,200/month. Starts at 10,000 contacts


  • It has an extensive marketplace to connect your other tools
  • There is no limit to customization
  • The CRM has features that allow you to track customer and provide valuable insight into customer behavior
  • It integrates seamlessly with third-party apps


  • It can be quite expensive has your contact list grows
  • Workflow can be difficult to understand for someone new to email marketing

12. Moosend

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing software that automates email marketing tasks. So, marketers can focus on building a relationship with their customers. The email marketing platform offers world-class features and state-of-the-art marketing automation tools. As well as a simple-to-use user interface that makes you organize your email campaign easily. Likewise, the drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for you to easily add elements such as images, social icons, text, and more to your email newsletter. Similarly, you can edit a myriad of email templates and landing page templates available on the Moosend email marketing platform, to quickly your email campaign on the fly. In addition, the analytics features allow you to monitor the progress of your campaign. For example, the link analytics feature makes you see the link your subscribers clicked on, and the email client features allow you to know the email application your subscriber is using.


Free: Access to all core features for free for up to 1,000 subscribers

Pro: $8/month/1,000 subscribers. Include all core features plus landing pages, transactional email, phone support, SMTP server, and 5 team members

Enterprise: Contact support


  • The interface is user-friendly and intuitive
  • A very active support system
  • The reporting feature is very detailed
  • The free plan does not have a monthly email cap


  • Sometimes email can be flagged as spam
  • Signup forms are basic and many extra customizations

13. SendPulse

Sendpulse provides email marketing services that help marketers or developers send email campaigns or transactional email via SMTP or API. It can integrate seamlessly with all your favorite marketing tools and apps. The amazing features it offers include email campaigns, chatbots, SMS, web push, and more. For example, with the web push feature, you can drive back to your website by sending a message directly to the customer browser about sales, important updates, or new content on the website. In like manner, the platform supports dedicated IPs, which makes it possible for you to digitally sign your emails and take total control of your sending reputation. In addition, the SendPulse SMS feature allows you to segment your contact using different filters. Thereby, helping you send a custom text message to your contact for better results. For example, you can segment your contact by age, interest, network code, and more. 


Starting price: $9 per month. Pricing depends on the number of subscribers


  • Sendpulse AI tools help users to send emails based on customer behavior and thereby increase the open rate
  • It is very easy to email templates, autoresponders, and more
  • Customer support is very active and friendly
  • Nice interface to create and preview push notifications


  • Auto-save features can be slow sometimes
  • Email delivery time takes a longer time

14. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor email marketing software allows you to drive results by helping you connect with your audience with its email marketing and automation tools. Apart from providing a myriad of tools to automate your marketing campaign. Campaign Monitor also provides insight and analytics to help improve your marketing strategies. There are numerous beautiful templates you can choose from to get started with your email campaigns. And if you decide to build your template from scratch, you can do that easily with the drag-and-drop builder. Similarly, there are different tags available to can you use to segment your contact and assist you in delivering customized mail to your contact.


Basic: $9/month/ 500 contacts. Send up to 2,500 emails

Unlimited: $29/month/ 500 contacts. Send unlimited emails

Premier: $29/month/ 500 contacts. Unlimited plan features plus other advanced feature


  • Email templates are easy to use with a professional touch
  • Split testing is available on the platform and it is easy to do
  • The reporting feature is very robust. Making it easy to pull the data you need
  • It is very easy to manage your contact list
  • The automation features are comprehensive and easy to use


  • Verifying domain can be a little difficult
  • There is no native social media sharing built-in

15. Omnisend

Omnisend is an easy-to-use omnichannel email marketing platform for eCommerce email marketing automation and SMS. This platform was built with eCommerce in mind and has various features to help you increase your sales. With Omnisend, you can automate your marketing process by bringing all your digital channels under an easy-to-use dashboard. Thereby allowing you to better manage your campaigns and improve your sales. In like manner, as an eCommerce-centered email marketing platform, Omnisend works well with majorities of eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce, and more.


Free: You can send up to 15,000/month/500 contacts

Standard: $16/month/500 contacts. It has more advance feature compared to the free plan

Pro: $99/month/ 500 contacts. It has more advance feature compared to the free plan

Enterprise: Unlimited emails. Contact support for the price


  • You can create/edit templates and set up email campaigns easily
  • It helps to bring all your marketing tools under one umbrella
  • Triggered emails and automation easily
  • You can easily automate multi-channel workflow


  • It takes a while to get a grasp of advanced features if you are new to email marketing

Final thought

In conclusion, most of the email marketing software shared in this article have a free plan you can start with as a small business, and it contains basic features your business will need. And, if you intend to switch to a paid plan, you will find it affordable for your business need.

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