10 best OBS plugin

10 best OBS plugins to improve your streaming

As an open-source application, OBS (Open Broadcast Software) studio has numerous plugins that content creators can use to add custom features and extend the functionality of the software. Couple with active community support that users can consult when they need assistance or run into a hole. As a result, users have a plethora of plugins to choose from to satisfy their needs and when they are not satisfied with the available plugins, they can also choose to create custom plugins to meet their specific needs. In no particular order, I will be sharing the 10 best OBS plugins every streamer needs to have to create an engaging stream.

How to Install Plugins in OBS?

The process of installing a plugin in OBS is straight-forward.

To download OBS plugin. Visit OBS Forum to see the list of plugins you can download.

  1. For windows installation, first of all we need to check the version of OBS we are running, if we are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version.
  2. Download the plugin zip folder and unzip the file. There are usually two folder ‘obs-plugin’ and ‘data’
  3. Move both folder into your OBS directory in your storage device. Locate OBS Studio in your Program Files folder and paste the unzip folder in the plugins folder. For a 32-bit version OBS folder will be in Program Files(x86)
  4. Restart OBS to start enjoying your plugin

For macOS and Linux users, the process is not different. You simply navigate to the directory your OBS studio was installed and paste the unzip folder. Then restart OBS to start enjoying your plugin

1. NDI OBS Plugin

The NDI OBS plugin was developed by NewTek for OBS Studio. This plugin makes it possible for OBS Studio to uses available bandwidth between your computers to send and receive high-definition video over a computer network in a high-quality that is suitable for switching in a live production environment. Removing the need for a capture card. Traditionally, if you need to stream from two screens, you need a capture card that is connected via an HDMI cable to send encoded video to the main device for streaming. With the NDI OBS plugin, you can connect both screen and send/ receive encoded video via the LAN network.

2. OBS VirtualCam Plugin

OBS VirtualCam plugin makes it possible to use OBS Studio as a virtual camera for video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and more.
This makes it possible to use all of OBS’s nice features like the chroma-key (green screen), picture in picture, etc. in other programs. So your camera source, instead of coming directly from your device, the camera source connects through OBS studio, and you can add numerous filters OBS has to offer. Thereby helping appear more professionally when giving your presentation or participating in a meeting.

3. Reaper ReaPlugs VST Plugin

One of the main turn-offs during a live stream is bad audio. Sometimes, the audio may not be that bad but it lacks the touch of professionalism. Indeed people are mostly interested in what you say. However, sometimes are you say it matters too. Although OBS comes with a lot of audio enhancing features and filters. Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins can be used to enhance your audio quality. One of the most popular of OBS’s VST plugin is the ReaperPlugs VST FX Suite. It allows you to control background noise, control peaking, control microphone equalizer, and more.

4. OBS Remote control Plugin

OBS Remote plugin is available for free under the GPLv2 license. It is a WebSocket-based web client/plugin that allows you to control and monitor your stream in the browser from a remote computer. So, if you are starting with streaming or on a shoestring budget. As well as you don’t have a stream deck yet. The OBS plugin allows you to customize a phone or tablet to serve as a stream deck and connect it over your local area network. You can do as much as start/stop streams, change audio source volume, switch streams, view stream stats, and more.

5. StreamFX plugin

The StreamFX OBS plugin allows you to add new sources, filters, and transitions to your OBS Studio. It gives you the ability to drastically improve your recording and streaming above what OBS Studio has to offer. For example, the mirror effect feature in StreamFX plugin allows you to mirror a source camera. Thereby, allowing you to apply effect like blur filter to the mirrored camera without affecting the source camera.

6. TransitionMatrix Plugins

OBS Studio natively supports one transition between all your scenes. If it is used creatively by setting stringer transition and the rest. However, it becomes handicapped when you want a different kind of transition for your scenes. For example, if you want a certain transition when changing camera and another when changing scene. The StreamFx plugin allows you to set up multiple stringer or scene transitions between each scene. You can create as many transitions as you want to achieve different purposes. As a result, it gives your audience a wonderful experience.

7. Motion Effect plugin

OBS MotionEffect plugin allows moves sources around the scene automatically. As a result, creates a cool effect by doing so. OBS natively has a lot of options in making great layouts. However, if you do not have a built-in function that allows you to animate your screen. For example, your camera capture retains its position even when you change your scene. The MotionEffect plugin helps to animate your sources when you change scenes or hit a hotkey, it can change position based on your entrance animation.

8. Tuna plugin

Tuna plugin allows you to show the album art or the song title of the music on your VLC media player, or Windows media player, or Spotify on your stream. Eliminating the use of a third-party app to get this done. This plugin is very useful when you are doing a 24 hours stream, and perhaps you will not be on your desk everything time. The plugin will always display the art and song title of the music you are playing every time.

9. Shader Filter Plugin

OBS ShaderFilter plugins allow you to add custom shaders and filters to your source in OBS Studio. the filter can be added to any source through the “Filters” option when right-clicking on the source. You can, for example, add shaders to your camera like add skyline effect to your camera that makes it look as if you have your windows open. Or you can add a basic drop shadow to your input, which is done with a simple uniform blur. This is also an O(N)2 blur on the size of the blur. As a result, it will take a lot of computing space on your computer memory. So, you should use it carefully.

10. Spectralizer Plugin

This plugin is very useful for a streamer that uses background music like Spotify and the rest. What it does is that adds a low latency audio visualizer to your OBS plugin. The visualizer usually comes in form of a bar chart. It is, however, highly customizable to give it a professional look. If you stream songs or have background music, this plugin is very useful.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. I hope you found it very helpful. The plugins listed here have been tested and it works perfectly in OBS Studio. I also these plugins can help improve the quality of your streams. Good luck!

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